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Thu 22 Jan 2015

January is not typically a busy time for the property market in Dartmouth & Kingswear, in fact it’s fair to say that it can be very slow especially with the weather we’ve currently been having. However we are pleased to report a strong start to the year with a record number of sales already agreed in January for The Coastal House. We believe this bodes well for the local housing market in 2015.

Prices still need to be competitive and this is likely to continue for sometime, but we are finding if priced correctly properties are selling quickly and close to the asking price. A seller generally gets the best price for a property in the first month of it going on the market so the initial launch price of a property is key. There are however too few new instructions coming onto the market at the moment, with many people who are thinking of selling planning to put their properties on in the Spring, we need the instructions now, to supply the demand we are currently experiencing.

However if you are thinking of waiting to put your home up for sale in the spring it is worth starting now to get everything in order so you are ready to go. First impressions matter more than ever in the current market. Maximising your kerb appeal to ensure your home stands out is particularly important if there are other similar properties on the market in your area.

"You've got to walk through that front door and go 'Wow, I like this house'," says Julie Hill owner of The Coastal House, and at the risk of "sounding like Kirstie Allsopp", it is all about decluttering, and making sure the exterior is well maintained and the garden presentable. If you have kids and/or dogs, it might be a good idea to banish them at viewing time.

There is very little point forking out large sums on redecorating, because what you do may not be to the taste of prospective buyers, or spending a fortune on a new kitchen. A much cheaper option is to replace old cupboard doors, broken light bulbs and repair leaky taps.

Finally let us show your home off to its absolute best, prospective purchasers are much more likely to linger in your home and get the full impact of how great it is and how they'd very much like to buy it without the owner around. We hope that the happy start to the New Year continues and we hope to see this continued improvement in the property market throughout 2015.

"We have recently purchased a property in Kingswear, Dartmouth. We bought the property through The Coastal House, Estate Agents We would highly recommend The Coastal House as an agent. We live a considerable distance away from Dartmouth and I am sure purchasing the property would have been far more difficulty had we not had the fantastic customer service from Michele and Nikki. They both went the extra mile. We will most definitely be recommending The Coastal House to our friends"
Teresa and Nigel Bromfield